Saturday, 25 May 2013

Patterns & colours

We all know that colours can affect your mood, but what about patterns? There's nothing like quirky colours and patterns to lift your spirits! These pictures from have definitely inspired me to get creative.

I have much respect for people who possess the skills to create such intricate of details! Picture this with a white/beige/pale pink dress... Spring is such a long way away.

Love the arrangement of the flowers and plants. The colours are so calming yet the image as a whole makes me want to jump around!

The patterns spice up this brown backpack. Each section has different patterns, from stripes to zig-zag, but is balanced out by the brown. No need to sacrifice comfort for style when you have this.

I can picture this image as part of a scarf. The sharp lines and corners add some flare to a pink scarf.

Are you a sucker for patterns and colours?

Love, V

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