Saturday, 28 September 2013

September Bellabox!

This actually arrived a week ago... It's better late than never right?

Garnier ambre solaire natural bronzer spray ($14.95) - gives an even tan/glow.
Schick hydro silk razor ($9.99) - has water-activated moisturising serum (ooh fancy).
Manicare glam kelly lashes ($11.95) - are shaped to fit your eyes, are reusable and contain non-latex adhesive.

Elegant touch envy wraps in Candy drops ($8.99) - apparently, this is the UK's #1 nail brand. "Just press on and go!" it says on the back.
ASAP pure mineral eye pencil in Brown ($20) - contains natural antioxidant and vitamin E (whatever that means...)
Footcare gel ball of foot cushions ($8.99) - ensures that you stay comfortable in those heels so you can dance all night!
Montagne Jeunesse blemish mud masque ($3.99) - targets blemish prone skin.

Want a review on any of these products? Comment below!

Love, V

Friday, 27 September 2013

Funtastic adventures!

I haven't blogged in 2 weeks?! Uni has been keeping me so busy, but now I finally have some spare time. This is what I've been up to during the past week (the interesting parts anyway haha).

Saturday - Narabeen Beach
A science excursion to the beach? What a great idea! It was the beginning of spring so it was perfect beach weather. The scenery was beautiful and company was awesome!

When do you ever get the chance to walk across a rock platform in closed shoes and inappropriate beach clothes? There were sand in my pants (not what you're thinkinggggg) and puddles in my shoes, but it was worth it.

The gradient is much more gradual in real life...

I learned that rocks are more interesting than I had initially thought. See those chunks of rock at the bottom of the photo? Thousands of years ago, they were part of the rock platform (middle section of photo), but the waves gradually broke them apart and pushed them towards the shore. Interesting right? (Apparently, I sound like Ross LOL)

Sunday - Zen Oasis
I've mentioned this place before in a previous post (here), but for those who don't know, it's a vegetarian restaurant. (Check out their website here!). The 1.5 hour drive for me is definitely worth it!

Doesn't this look like a painting? (iOS7 is so cool!)

There's also a heart-shaped patch of flowers in the middle left.

I got too carried away with the food, and forgot to take more photos (Oops hehe)

I miss the green tea blob thing!

Thursday - Bowling and laser skirmish
Being the great sister that I am, I worked as a chauffeur for the day. Driving my sister and her friends to bowling and froyo afterwards. 

Taro & pandan with mochi & jackfruit <3

Share any interesting moments of your week!

Coming soon: beauty product reviews & September Bellabox unboxing!

Love, V

Friday, 13 September 2013

Spring party!

Spring is well on its way here in Sydney, Australia! It's time to pack away our cosy jumpers and put on some colourful t-shirts.I'm sharing some feel-good videos to put that extra 'spring' in your step ;)

Hello september
Megan and Liz - Release you

Tori Kelly & Scott Hoying - Roar (Cover)

Passion Pit - Carried away

Truc (check our her blog and youtube for more awesomeness!) - Spring makeup look
      Click here (For some reason, I can't find the video through the 'Insert a video' tab)

Dailygrace - Three no heat hairstyles

Wong Fu Productions - She has a boyfriend

What's your favourite video of the moment? I would love to hear new music!

Love, V

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Stiles quotes

If you watch Teen Wolf, you may agree that Stiles makes the show. If not for his geekiness and sarcasm, I wouldn't like the show as much as I do.

No Stiles, you're not drunk
Let's laugh at some quotes!

Stiles: Maybe you caught a rabbit or something.
Scott: And did what?
Stiles: Ate it.
Scott: Raw?
Stiles: No, you stopped to bake it in a little werewolf oven.

Scott: What did you tell her?
Allison: That we were part of an online gaming community that battles mythical creatures.
Stiles: I am part of an online gaming community that battles mythical creatures.
Allison: Oh. Great...

Sheriff: So you lied to me?
Stiles: That depends on how you define lying.
Sheriff: Well I define it as you not telling the truth. How do you define it?
Stiles: Reclining your body... in a horizontal position.

Stiles: Well I shouldn't say I told you so, 'cause it's not strong enough. How about, I'm always right and you should listen to whatever I have to say and never disagree ever for the sake of your wolvihood?

Coach: What the hell is wrong with your friend?
Stiles: Well, he's failing two classes, he's a little socially awkward, and if you look closely his jaw line is a little uneven.

Stiles: So you're asking me to tell you what I wouldn't not tell you?
FBI agent: First, I have no idea what you just said. Second, how about you just help me help you.
Stiles: Well I don't know how to help you help me tell you something if I don't know it.

Stiles: We shouldn't have come. I know it. We shouldn't have come.
Scott: We had to. There's safety in numbers.
Stiles: Well, there's also death in numbers. It's called a massacre. A bloodbath. Carnage. Slaughter. Butchery.

Who's your favourite character from Teen Wolf? If you don't watch it, what's your favourite quote above?

Love, V