Thursday, 28 November 2013

Music, food and puzzles!

Who doesn't appreciate good music?

true :)
Andie Case - Do What U Want (Cover)
Amazing voices and guitar playing!

I don't like the original, but I'm loving this cover.

There's nothing like eating some creamy yoghurty goodness while watching Friends. It is also the only yoghurt I've found without gelatine (animal fat)!

$3, 1000 pieces, hours worth of fun :D
I'm also waiting for Sims 3 to be delivered to my door! It better be as good as I remember.

Share your favourite songs, food and games!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Anger issues? + 2014 Blogger Challenge

Is it a coincidence that I watched Colleen's (or PsychoSoprano on YouTube, she is hilarious so check her out!) video about her anger issues, and I experienced the same issues today? Without any reasons other than waking up on the wrong side of the bed, my tolerance levels were extremely low. My head recognised the issue, but couldn't do much to prevent my aggression towards inanimate objects (Watch Colleen's video here). You know you have anger issues when you experience these scenarios:

  1. Blaming a jigsaw puzzle for not fitting together.
  2. Throwing an empty milk carton on the floor for having too much milk in your bowl.
  3. Blaming a mandarin for squirting juice on you (you were unaware of your great strength)
On a more cheerful note, I'm doing the 2014 Blogger Challenge! What is it, you ask? 

From Gaby's blog (AnotherGirlyBlog):

Christmas is fast approaching which means 2014 is right around the corner.

The New Year is a time for resolutions and starting fresh, so why not start with a challenge to kick off the new year! I [Gaby] have come up with the #2014bloggerchallenge. The challenge is to write a blogpost twice a month about different topics. The #2014bloggerchallenge posts will go live during the 1st and the 3rd weeks of each month. Everyone who signs up will be sent an email with the post topics. The topic ideas are there to give you new ideas and encourage you to write about things you wouldn't normally write about.

Anyone can get involved, whatever your blog topic! Whether you write about cooking, beauty, lifestyle or fitness. What's in it for you I hear you ask? Well... If you participate in the #2014BloggerChallenge, you'll get more blog traffic, discover new blogs and make friends with bloggers you probably didn't even know existed! 
All you have to do to get involved is leave a comment down below  or email me [Gaby] ( with your blog URL, email address and name so I [Gaby] can add you to the list of participants. 
Let's start 2014 with a bang and let's see how many of you we can get involved with this challenge!! (sign up closes on the 9th December 2013 when the first topic will be sent out).

Feel free to take the challenge!

Love, V

Friday, 22 November 2013

Catching up time

I have some pretty cool photos to show you (as evidence, not that it's even necessary), of what I've been up to during the last 4 weeks. I have recently (a week ago) completed my second year of uni! Whoooo! I feel like I've been experiencing life while on fast forward. You know the feeling where all you can think about it the end result, completing a project or the reward at the end, and then before you know it, you're there and have no idea what to do next? That's where I am. The much needed 3 and a half months holiday. With absolutely no plans. To remind myself that I have been working hard during the past few weeks, let's rewind time.

On October 21st, I walked into X Public School (the name has been omitted for privacy and others reasons which I'm quite unsure about...) with a student teacher tag. My kindergarten class was extremely welcoming and soon we (my prac partner and I) were the targets of conversations about their previous adventures. Mind you they are 5 or 6 years old, so the world is still an exciting place. We attended staff meetings, stage meetings, playground duty, RFF (relief from face to face teaching, if you ever wondered haha), you name it. We were the "new teachers" without the pay and responsibility of answering the classroom phone. One of the school events was an Art Show revolving around the theme of 'nature'. These are some of my favourites.

I love the 3D effect it gives.

The colours go so well together.

I still have no idea what material is used, but I guess aluminium foil will work just as well, right?

Just metallic markers were used to create this fancy trees!

All that time and effort to cut out and put them together. Wow.

Our final day at X Public School, was coincidentally a girl's birthday. We celebrated by singing 'Happy Birthday' with the cooperating teacher playing the viola (how great it is to have a musician as a teacher), giving her 7 firework claps (ahaha, one for good luck, and that's a special style of clapping) and having a jelly party (we made the jelly in our procedure writing lesson, the previous day). At the end of the day, she handed out these tasty donut-cake-things.

When we came in the next school day to pick up our final reports, the kids (oops, I mean children) were so happy to see us! They had these half sad, half happy expressions on their little faces that I just wanted to hug them all. It's good to know that 3 weeks (actually 15 school days) in someone's life can make a difference :)

That's what I've been up to these past few weeks. What have you been doing?

Love, V

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Sparkly and gold!

Welcome back! Excuse the long break, but some much needed cleaning was in order after surviving uni exams. 

Glossyblossom's Arabica Gold Brown is a shimmery gold/bronze/orange/brown depending on the lighting and your skin tone. Applying 2 coats and a top coat gives the colour shown above (lighting changes the colour).

I used the Lacura top coat. I don't love this top coat but it'll do for now. It applies like water...

I have no idea how this appeared in my collection but it is amazing! It's easy to apply (shaky hands doesn't matter), it lasts about a week with minimal chipping, and I love the colour :D

Love, V