Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Once upon a time


After a couple weeks of "rubbish" episodes, Once Upon a Time is starting to interest me again. At first, there were so many characters to keep track of, but the storyline was a nice twist on traditional fairytales. It just seems to me that Regina is on the good side for 1 episode, then evil the next. Nonetheless, I love her character. Do it for Henry!

What happened to Mary-Maraget's independence?! It annoys me when she's so indecisive about her actions. I understand that she's a goody-goody but it's too extreme. Her character was really interesting when she lived in the woods, on the run from the Evil Queen.

Rumplstiltskin was and remains to be one of the more entertaining characters, doing anything and everything to get what he wants. But just like Regina, he seems to be on the fence of good and evil.


 I'm excited for the next season to find out more about Neverland and Neal's situation.

Love, V

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