Sunday, 16 June 2013

Book review: Eona

I finished this in 6 days... that's how addicted I was. I was reading every night for about 45 minutes. As if that wasn't enough, I was also reading during the day, going through roughly 70 pages a day.

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Picking up after Eon, "Lady Eona" and friends join the Resistance in order to take back the throne for the rightful Emperor, Kygo. Without any proper training, Eona cannot control her newfound dragon strength, thus Ido is included in their vital plan. Through the many arguments, bonds and emotions, Eona understands what she was called to do.

Let's just say Eona's life is much more interesting than mine. Her life is choc-full of action (good or bad?), she has friends who would risk their life for her, the power to heal, and has 2 guys chasing after her. All her life, she has always been disregarded and "weak" but see her life now.

I love Alison Goodman's writing. She draws you into the story through the characters and her vivid descriptions of events. Although I did notice quite a few "said" and "asked" on some pages, it didn't take away from the story.

Eona was caught between so many conflicts and arguments that I wasn't sure which characters to trust and who were her real friends. Kygo and Eona's relationship was also extremely rocky, with betrayal and white lies fuelling their anger towards each other at certain points. Their behaviour annoyed me a little. Love and hate, love and hate. Just stick to the first one ahaha. For some reason I picture Zuko (from Avatar: The Last Airbender) as Kygo and Korra (Avatar: The Legend of Korra) as Eona.

There were several twists and events that I was definitely not expecting (someone's betrayal, someone's survival - don't want to spoil the details). I'm satisfied with the ending, having ALMOST all that I wanted to see :)

It was great to finally indulge in some novels, after 12 weeks of uni readings! Check this book out it interests you.

Love, V

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