Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Tis the season to watch tennis! AO 2014, RF and Friends, loser sympathy?

The Australian Open (AO) is in full swing in Melbourne, with many top seeded players still in the tournament. That just means there are many more awesome matches to watch!

Some stats during the AO:
Most aces - Anderson with 79 aces (crazy!), Williams with 39 (she's a beast!)
Most double faults - Simon 29 double fault, Sharapova with 37 (whoa..)
Fastest serve speed -  Groth at 234 km/h, Kichenok at 202 km/h

Men's tennis is awesome, with many top players being able to maintain the top positions. (Photos are from here)

Rafael Nadal     vs.     Grigor Dimitrov 
 I haven't watched many of Dimitrov's matches but it might be an interesting one.

Novak Djokovic     vs.     Stanislas Wawrinka 
 This is gonna be an awesome match!

Andy Murray     vs.     Roger Federer 
I'm most looking forward to this! Both awesome players, but with completely different strategies and techniques.

Although women's matches aren't as exciting and intense, there's one match I'm excited for.
Victoria Azarenka     vs.      Agnieszka Radwanska
I've watched a couple of Radwanska's matches and she can get on the offensive when she needs to.

Roger Federer and Friends
Finding out that Federer started a charity a while ago and is raising funds for under-privileged children in Africa just makes me respect him even more. Having 77 career titles (and more achievements) under his belt isn't enough, but now he's helping children in Africa?? What a nice guy..

His match with Tsonga (over a week ago now) was one of the most chilled and friendly matches I've ever seen. It's good to know that despite having to play against each other in a serious tournament (they battled in round 4), with pressure to win, they're friends outside of the arena.

 Loser sympathy
 I don't know if this is just me, but do you experience loser sympathy? When I'm rooting for a certain player (let's just say Federer haha) and they're in the lead, I start to sympathise for the 'loser'. Whoever they are, if they're losing, I begin cheering them on... Why can't everyone be winners?

Who do you think will win the Australian Open title this year? 
Do you experience loser sympathy?

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