Tuesday, 28 January 2014

My students are artists.

When I was a wee little child (some people may argue that I still am haha) in primary school, I used to be extremely surprised when a peer was better at drawing than the teacher. The teacher was supposed to know and be able to do everything. I mean they taught every subject (at least at my primary school) and did all sorts of creative activities with us. As I progressed through high school, my expectations of teachers lowered. Don't get me wrong, there were teachers who could draw really well, but a majority of them could barely draw stick figures LOL.

Now that I'm studying to be a primary school teacher, I want to expand my artistic skills, but there will always be such skilled and imaginative children! The above drawings are an example of an ABC pattern. My example was of fruit, which all students would know and have experienced (and is easy to draw!). After completing an example on the board, students were given the opportunity to draw on their creativity. I was so surprised with this boy's choice of pattern, considering he was distracted and had some issues with concentration. Lobster, whale, crab, lobster, whale, crab. Such a pleasant surprise!

What can you draw really well?

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