Saturday, 28 September 2013

September Bellabox!

This actually arrived a week ago... It's better late than never right?

Garnier ambre solaire natural bronzer spray ($14.95) - gives an even tan/glow.
Schick hydro silk razor ($9.99) - has water-activated moisturising serum (ooh fancy).
Manicare glam kelly lashes ($11.95) - are shaped to fit your eyes, are reusable and contain non-latex adhesive.

Elegant touch envy wraps in Candy drops ($8.99) - apparently, this is the UK's #1 nail brand. "Just press on and go!" it says on the back.
ASAP pure mineral eye pencil in Brown ($20) - contains natural antioxidant and vitamin E (whatever that means...)
Footcare gel ball of foot cushions ($8.99) - ensures that you stay comfortable in those heels so you can dance all night!
Montagne Jeunesse blemish mud masque ($3.99) - targets blemish prone skin.

Want a review on any of these products? Comment below!

Love, V

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