Friday, 14 February 2014

What I look for in a guy

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I wanted to do some sort of blog post. For all you lovers out there, celebrate and enjoy the day. As for the single ladies, we can all learn from Queen B and "put your hands up" to celebrate Single Awareness Day (well it could be a thing haha, except that it spells out 'S.A.D'... oh the irony).

Single Awareness

Not being in a relationship doesn't mean that we can't think about it. I'm not saying to make a ten page list pointing out everything you want in a partner (or friend for that matter). Think about your three most important characteristics or personality traits you would want them to have. If you already have someone, you can still reflect (I can't believe that after all the reflections we pre-service teachers do at uni, I still haven't had enough of reflections..) on your relationship.

These would my deal-breakers.
1. They make you a better person.
 They put you in a better mood, you're more selfless and willing to help others, happy, happy for others, optimistic. I would ditch 'em if they're stressing me out more than making me happy.

2. They're independent thinkers.
They must have their own mind and be able to make decisions on their own. I'm a soon-to-be-teacher guiding children to make their own decisions, and I wouldn't want to treat my partner like my students. Sure, I wouldn't mind helping others with significant decisions, but at the end of the day, they have to be able to make small choices for themselves.

3. They're loyal and honest.
I've seen tons (tonnes? what's the Australian spelling?) of rom-coms, and I still think "once a cheater, always a cheater." If they cheated FOR you, they'll more likely cheat ON you (of course this isn't always the case). It would also be great if they can express their emotions and opinions honestly. Guys are confusing as it is, so keep it simple by being honest.

I know a lot of girls like guys who are funny, but would I want a funny guy who can't make any of his own decisions? Priorities.

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