Sunday, 1 December 2013

Children write the most interesting sentences

Children have a great imagination, but they can also be very in touch with reality.

With their wild imaginations and limited vocabulary (or not, they can be quite surprising!), it is no wonder that children's writing can make your day :) I've been reading some very interesting sentences, and thought that they would brighten up your day.

Recount (Year 2): Write about the time you were bitten by one or more mosquitoes.
  • "Once a annoying mosquitoes flew and got to my hairy arm at it sucked my blood"
  • "When I got home my mum put cream on for me. The next day it was better. "Thank goodness!"
  • "Then I went to the buttefly garden I noticed that there was buzzing noises coming from mosquitos. So when I was coming home i had about 20 mosi bites"
Factual text (Year 2): My name is ___ and I was born on the ___ of ___ 200_. At present I attend___ school.
  • "I don't like teasing people, cockroach sprey smell, carrying ruubish bags, loud nosie, getting sick, vilont movies, brightness, dolls, shutters, swooln glands, looking at the sun, cleaning the floor and playing games on the compter."
Procedure (Year 3): Write how you would make a cup of tea for your mother.
  • "pour hot, boiling water into a cup (Be careful)."
  • "tip: serve wit crackers"
** the sentences were written exactly as shown above

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