Friday, 19 July 2013

Reliving iPhone pictures

Sometimes it's good to reminisce about the good ol' days to remind yourself of what you value and cherish. Alright, the cheesiness ends here.

Winter 2012 (I think)
A spur of the moment visit to Manly beach last year. Despite being numb from the knees down, building sandcastles (with a moat, probably not very unique) and burying your feet in the sand are our beach traditions.

18th birthday
Walking the trails to Fitzroy Falls with all my closest friends! I love this edited version since it kinda describes us haha.

Spring 2012
Zen Oasis had decorations especially for the Spring Festival. Mmmm I want me some mushroom balls and curry pastries...

Summer 2013
I'm not into politics so the outside of the Parliament House is more interesting than the inside. The road trip with family (and family friends) was worth it though.

Take a trip down (iPhone) memory lane and let me know what you see. Family? Friends? Pets? Events?

Love, V

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