Sunday, 7 July 2013


I rarely have the patience to paint my fingernails since I feel like they take forever to dry (I have things to do!), and chip easily (from daily use and guitar playing). I was organising my nail polishes when I stumbled across the colour 114 (I'm pretty sure it's called Cranberry) from Lacura.

It's actually more purple, not red. I've had this on for about 4 days and there's some chipping. But this may be because I don't have a top coat on (they're kinda frozen from the cold haha).

Lacura nail polish, colour 114 from Aldi
This was one of the first nail polishes I've tried from Aldi and I really love the colour, packaging and quality! It would be even better if it had the shaker inside.

I used this glitter polish from Ulta3 in Confetti on my ring fingers. I could have applied another coat of this for extra sparkle!

What colour are you currently wearing on your nails?

Love, V


  1. Pro photography skills! Especially the first one! ♡

    1. Thank you! The background helped too haha


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